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Permanent Residency (PR)
This information outlines several ways it is possible to become a permanent resident of the US. For more information about PR in general, ISSS recommends consultation with a qualified immigration attorney. For information about Penn PR sponsorship, including a request for initial case review, for certain full-time employees of
Change of Status
You can typically switch your US immigration status in two ways: Whether you choose to travel or apply to USCIS, the Immigration and Nationality Act requires you to demonstrate: that you intend to leave the US after completing your program of study OR that you do not plan to
Current Students
What is F-1? F-1 is an immigration status avai...
Maintaining J-1 Scholar Status
The J-1 scholar must take care during his/her ...
Economic Hardship
If you are an F-1 or J-1 student who is experiencing unforeseen, serious financial hardship while studying in the U.S., you may be able to obtain off-campus employment authorization. USCIS authorizes economic hardship employment for F-1 Students and the US Information Agency authorizes it for J-1 Students. Economic hardship
ISSS Deadlines & Processing Times
ISSS kindly asks that immigration processing requests are made with plenty of time to spare, as government processing times are unchangeable and unpredictable. Please utilize the resources provided in the Immigration section of our site to see what documents are necessary for various processes. To minimize processing times, please
F-1 OPT STEM iPenn Request
How To Apply Submit the STEM Extension Request electronic request form in iPenn (using logo below) After you log in with your Pennkey, you will find "STEM OPT Extension Request" under Student Services in the left menu. ​Upon verifying your eligibility and determining that your degree is on the
Absence/Departure from Penn
How to Arrange an Absence or Departure from Penn Your immigration status is directly associated with and affected by your full-time enrollment in an academic program. If you intend to, or are thinking about, taking a leave or withdrawing from Penn please discuss with ISSS as soon as possible.
H-1B Specialty Workers
Penn most commonly uses the H-1B temporary pro...
ELP Students
Maintaining your status as an ELP student requires you to: Follow the instructions found on Page 2 of your I-20/DS-2019 Familiarize yourself with the policies and regulations outlined below: Know and protect your Documents Review the Academic, Attendance, and Employment policies Understand the Travel and Transfer regulations Know &