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GIP Student Blogs

  • GIP Interns Blog
  • GIP Interns Blog

    The official blog of the University of Pennsylvania's Global Internship Program.  Check back throughout the summer to follow the amazing experiences and adventures of the GIP interns!

  • CASI Student Programs Blog
  • CASI Student Programs Blog

    Since 2007, the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) at the University of Pennsylvania has supported nearly 150 students! Welcome to the home base for CASI students and alumni to share their thoughts, reflections, and ongoing learnings about their internships, research projects, and travels in India and beyond.

GIP in the News

Quiet Revolution

Penn News Today  |  August 29, 2016

GSE student Patrick Dowd traveled to Ladakh, India, this summer to research educational reforms. There, he met a monk scholar dedicated to writing textbooks for children. 

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Penn News Today  |  August 15, 2016

Working in India this summer, Faty Kane, a rising sophomore from Columbus, Ohio, blogged about staying in touch with her students as the workshops come to an end.

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In India

Penn News Today  |  August 10, 2016

Katerine Jimenez, a rising senior from New York City, recounted taking time off from work as an intern in Bangalore to travel to a rural space and explore nature.

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Interning Abroad

Penn News Today  |  August 4, 2016

Rising senior Camilo Toro of Boston blogged about finding peace in a busy Indian city, acclimating to a new environment and working at an eye-care medical center.

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When military coup meets summer internship

The Daily Pennsylvanian  |  July 18, 2016

Jaime Molyneux, Penn’s director of international risk management, said nine Penn students and six faculty and staff members were in Turkey at the time of the coup.  [....]

 "We’re always checking on the wellbeing of our travelers, and all reported that they were safe in a secure location and were able to sit tight for the weekend."

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Health Initiative

Penn News Today  |  July 19, 2016

Rising senior Will Schupmann of Ridgefield, Conn., is interning for the World Medical Association in France. He attended an international Red Cross and Red Crescent conference.

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Penn News Today  |  July 12, 2016

Rising junior Parth Shah from Chatham, N.J., is currently interning for a company in India that values social responsibility. He blogged about touring Old Delhi by bike.

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'Much at Ease'

Penn News Today  |  July 7, 2016

Rising senior Lukas Rosander of Stockholm, Sweden, shared his experiences preparing for his eight-week internship relatively close to home in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Thrill of Travel

Penn News Today  |  July 5, 2016

George Managoba, a rising sophomore from Maun, Botswana, described the excitement and fear he felt before arriving in Mozambique for the International Internship Program.

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Penn Senior Vaishak Kumar to Launch Agriculture Extension Project in India

Penn News  |  April 5, 2016

"Kumar, a political science major in the College of Arts & Sciences, gained knowledge about global economies during a stint as an intern at IRIS - Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques in Paris and at Penn as a research assistant in the Think Tanks & Civil Societies Program. [...] “We’re going to improve the way they do agriculture so they get a better yield and we’re going to help them best market the product to get the best price and hopefully better income and be able to escape from the cycle of debt,” Kumar says."

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Penn Travel Arts Fest Showcases Study Abroad and Exchange Student Artwork 

Penn News  |  March 30, 2016

"This year’s festival features winning photo-contest entries as well as alternative works of art that reflect the global experiences of students in the Penn Abroad and Penn Summer Abroad programs as well as theInternational Internship Program.  Art by international exchange students at Penn is also on display."

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Exploring Family Roots Through Penn

Penn News  |  August 31, 2015

Kelly’s summer of exploration continued in Hong Kong from June 13 to Aug. 7, where she worked as an English teacher for K-12 students as part of the Penn Abroad International Internship Program.  She enjoyed her days teaching, but the evenings were spent touring Hong Kong with five other teachers who are students from Columbia, Brown and Cornell universities.

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Penn Attracts International Students and Those Who Study Abroad

Penn News  |  January 6, 2016

[In the 2014-15 academic year], approximately 500 students studied overseas in 41 countries and nearly 100 students participated in Penn’s International Internship Program placements through Penn Abroad. More than 1,800 students went abroad on credit-bearing programs from across the University during this period.

“No Ivy League school sent more students abroad than Penn,” said Nigel Cossar, director of Penn Abroad.

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Studying Abroad Enriches Miranda Lupion’s Penn Experience

Penn News  |  August 3, 2015

This summer, through an Independent International Internship Program grant from Penn Abroad, she interned at a non-profit organization in Warsaw, Poland. Lupion spent nine weeks working with a team at Katalyst Engineering developing a program to integrate a science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, curriculum into elementary schools in Poland.

“Getting hands-on business and organizational experience has been one of the most valuable parts of this experience,” says Lupion. “It’s a great complement to my liberal arts education.”

Sindhuri Nandhakumar Awarded Penn’s Sobti Family Fellowship

Penn News  |  June 15, 2015

"This year we are delighted to support one of our former CASI interns return to India to work on a long term research project through our Sobti Family Fellowship,” said Devesh Kapur, CASI director. “There is a rising demand among Penn undergraduate students to pursue learning experiences beyond the classroom, and we are pleased to support current students and recent graduates interested in India.”  [....]

[Sindhuri Nandhakumar] was a CASI intern at Aravind Eye Care Systems in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, in 2012.

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Botswana Internship Inspires Penn Senior to Start a Happiness Blog

Penn News  |  November 21, 2014

"University of Pennsylvania senior Callan Parra chronicles the stories of people she’s met who’ve triumphed over adversities and offers insights on coping with stress and finding life’s “perfect moments” in a new blog called 'Happy for Happyness.'" 

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Soccer-playing Student at Penn Scores Goals With a Global Impact

Penn News  |  October 24, 2014

"Her biggest kick came earlier this year when Tarver was able to play soccer with her host family and a group of local children in San Juan, Guatemala.  Through Penn’s International Internship Program, she spent 10 weeks during the summer in San Juan as a sustainability consultant." 

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Penn Vet Students Travel the World to Treat Wildlife

Penn News  |  October 3, 2014

"Eva Jacobs, a second-year student at Penn Vet, spent the summer working in a mixed-practice veterinary clinic in Lobatse, Botswana, with support from Penn’s International Internship Program and the Botswana-UPenn Partnership. In addition to treating beef cattle, horses, sheep, goats and dogs, Jacobs traveled the country with her host vets, assisting Cheetah Conservation Botswana in a field research project. She helped to trap and collar wild cheetahs and was responsible for monitoring the animals’ vitals while they were anesthetized."  

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Penn Student Seeks Adventure Through Study Abroad

Penn News  |  September 11, 2014

"For University of Pennsylvania senior Olivia Route, some of the most exciting and enriching experiences she’s had as a student have happened while studying abroad.  In 2014, Route spent the spring semester in Ukraine. Then, this past summer, through Penn Abroad’s International Internship Program, she was in Nepal teaching elementary school students." 

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Penn Student Assists in Developing an Economic Growth Plan in Guatemala

Penn News  |  August 21, 2014

"In a very poor but picturesque region of Guatemala, Seth Amos spent the summer working to help a town to develop an economic growth strategy.  Through Penn Abroad’s International Internship Program, Amos spent 10 weeks in San Juan la Laguna in the Sololá district of western Guatemala working at Ati’t Ala’, a non-governmental organization. His task was to help develop a plan to increase tourism to spur economic growth in San Juan." 

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Foreign Interns Expand Horizons 

China Daily USA  |  July 28, 2014

Connor Fairman decided to spend the summer in Beijing to conduct his first overseas internship. The 19-year-old student from the United States said that leaving his comfort zone "has made every day an exhilarating experience".

"I've studied Chinese for three years and wanted to have the opportunity to use it in its native country. After all, why learn it if you're not going to use it?" Fairman wrote in an e-mail to China Daily.

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Off on Safari...A Moth Safari

York Museums Trust  |  July 2014

[T]hanks to the expertise and patience of Bowen Chang and Patrick Wildgust from Shandy Hall,  Coxwold, who are comparing moth numbers in the gardens with those in the rural setting, we can now say the Gardens have a species found nowhere else in the biggest county in the country. Finding this micro moth once was not easy – they only have a wingspan of 9-12mm. But last week we thought we would try again and invite BBC Radio York along to see the results.

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Nationally Rare Moth Found in Yorkshire for the First Time Ever

York Museums Trust  |  July 2014

"To say our project has found a new species for Yorkshire has a very satisfying ring to it and we are really grateful for the hard work of our student Bowen Chang who has spent many evenings trapping and releasing moths as part of the study." [....]

During his visits to the gardens earlier this month Bowen found 16 new species of moth which have not been recorded before in the York Museum Gardens, including the White Spotted Black (Denisia albimaculea).

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Penn Student Harnesses Power of Micro-Finance to Empower Women

Penn News  |  February 4, 2014

University of Pennsylvania senior Meher Rehman is building on a mission she began while still in high school: working to empower women in developing parts of the world through micro-finance projects. [....] Her senior thesis centers on using micro-credit to empower women. It draws on her experiences from two summer internships.

The summer of her sophomore year, Rehman worked in a summer internship in Mumbai, India at Dasra, India’s leading strategic philanthropic foundation. Rehman worked on projects to addresses sanitation problems in the the slums of the city. Her internship was made possible through Penn's School of Arts and SciencesCenter for the Advanced Study of India student programs

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Penn Dental Medicine’s Tina Chou Learns There’s More to Dentistry Than Teeth

Penn News  |  January 27, 2014

"With a craving to “see dentistry beyond the domestic boundaries,” Tina Chou, a second-year student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, seized the opportunity to advance dentistry in The Gambia in a unique internship opportunity this past summer."  

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Two From Penn Win Pulitzer Center International Student Reporting Fellowships

Penn News  |  May 29, 2013

Diksha Bali, a junior majoring in English in the College of Arts and Sciences and economics at Penn’s Wharton School, will travel to Ghana to intern at the Yonso Project through Penn’s International Internship Program.  [....]

Bali and Messac are among nearly two dozen undergraduate and graduate fellowship recipients at Campus Consortium member schools who will pursue international reporting projects around the world. They will receive professional support from Pulitzer Center editors and journalists. The Center supports in-depth coverage of international affairs, focusing on topics that have been under-reported or unreported.

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Beyond Study Abroad

Inside Higher Ed  |  May 14, 2013

"Penn has made a particularly big push on promoting noncredit international internships and post-graduation work opportunities as alternative ways for students to gain meaningful experiences abroad."  

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Going Global

Penn Gazette  |  May 2013

"Penn has a longstanding commitment to global engagement, dating all the way back to Ben Franklin. That commitment is now stronger than ever with the recent appointment of a vice provost for global initiatives and the creation of a five-year strategy to increase understanding of global challenges, foster international engagement by students and faculty, and maximize Penn’s impact around the world." 

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University of Pennsylvania plans centers in Philadelphia and China

Philadelphia Inquirer  |  February 26, 2013

"The university plans to build a "world house" on campus in which to concentrate global activities. It will include a "global solutions program," in which world leaders and faculty experts will take on a new problem every year - such as access to clean water - and develop solutions."

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More Penn students to live, intern abroad

The Daily Pennsylvania  |  January 30, 2013

"Past students described their experiences at IIP as life-changing, providing great opportunities to work and live abroad."

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School Profile: Penn's International Internship Program

ServiceInternships  |  October 27, 2012

" Penn’s International Internship Program (IIP) provides opportunities for outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to intern abroad for eight to twelve weeks over the summer. The majority of internship placements have been with non-profit or non-governmental organizations, but the nature of the placements varies greatly." 

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Penn Students Spend A Summer With Owl Monkeys — and Learn More Than Primatology

Penn News  |  October 12, 2012

The novelty of such an internship was what drew in Lili McKinley, a sophomore from Danville, Pa.  [....] She received a grant from the Penn Museum and the International Internship Program to travel to Argentina. Though McKinley is still deciding on her major, she embraced the chance to experience field work and a new culture. [....]

After learning the basics of the research methods, McKinley pursued more specific research on vocalizations, even putting her Spanish skills to use by translating the research team’s vocalization ethogram, or the catalog of sounds the monkeys make, from Spanish into English.  In her final report on the internship, McKinley wrote, “The program was the best learning experience of my life.”

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Botswana Internships Gives Penn Students Opportunities to Learn About, Lend a Hand to World Issues

Penn News  |  September 28, 2012

"This past summer, 10 Penn graduate and undergraduate students completed 10-week internships at organizations in and around Gaborone, the capital: at a preschool day-care center, an after-school program and orphanage, a human-rights group and a governmental agency as well as at private businesses marketing handmade baskets and quilts." 

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Summer overseas gave women's soccer players new perspective

The Daily Pennsylvanian  |  September 26, 2012

"The best thing Alex Dayneka and Claire Walker of the Penn women’s soccer team did this summer was get away. [....] Dayneka spent time at the University of Gaborone in Botswana, where she worked as an intern for Stepping Stones International, a development program for orphaned and vulnerable teenagers." 

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Penn GSE Internships Making Global Impact on Education Development

Penn News  |  August 6, 2012

Meanwhile, Penn GSE student Anna Greenstone is in Johannesburg at the non-profit Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy.  As a specialist in teacher education, she is working with the institute’s staff on a teacher professional-development workshop about comprehension for teachers in grades 1-3. [....]

“My internship has been a great opportunity for me to gain experience in teacher education, within a literacy organization,” she says. “I’ve definitely increased my comfort with program development and facilitation during this internship. South Africa is a complex country, and its education system has many challenges.”

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Penn students build ties in Botswana

The Daily Pennsylvanian  |  July 25, 2012

"For 10 Penn students, the ideal summer internship involved a flight halfway around the world.  The internships, which concluded last week, were part of the Botswana-UPenn Partnership, an 11-year old collaboration focused on rehabilitating Botswana’s healthcare system." 

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From India, With Love

Penn SAS Frontiers  |  January 31, 2012

"When traveling to India for the first time, it’s best not to plan too much.  That’s the advice Aparna Wilder, Student Programs and Outreach Coordinator for the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI), gives to students who participate in CASI Summer Programs, a program that provides students with the funds and opportunity to travel to India for summer volunteer internships and research projects." 

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Penn sees increase in overseas internships

The Daily Pennsylvanian  |  May 27, 2010

"“Students are going abroad more often, and there’s been lots of interest this year,” [Cara] Bonnington said of the hike in applicants to the program, which places students with non-governmental organizations in developing countries." 

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