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Penn Abroad Photo Exhibition

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These photos and many more were submitted to our 2013 Photo Contest by Penn Abroad and IIP students.  Click on the photos to see the slideshow.  Come to the reception on April 9th to see which photos were selected by our judges.

    • Care for a Freshly Fried Scorpion?, Lauren Kaufmann
    • Scarves of the Past, Raquel Ayuso Macgregor
    • The Farmer and his Reward, Raquel Ayuso Macgregor
    • Mountain Goats and the Matterhorn, Anna Parks
    • Winter in Israel, Marcus Mundy
    • Mountainside, Marcus Mundy
    • Gotland, Zenia Zelechiwsky
    • Parisian Graffiti, Lydia Filosa
    • Tango, Elizabeth Jacobs
    • Living in a Botanical Garden, Jasmine Santos
    • Elle a besoin de toucher, Julie Kranseler
    • Brigitte, 90 ans..., Julie Kranseler
    • On the Train to Wengen, Emily Hyman
    • Midmorning, on a Tuesday, Ryan Carty
    • The View from Thun Castle, Emily Hyman
    • My Kind of Sky Scraper, Natalie Riemer
    • Clothes Shopping, Margaret Daeschler
    • Larabanga Mosque, Kristine Willard
    • Lake Volta, Kristine Willard
    • Sea of Ice, Genevieve Lyons
    • A Hike through the Vineyard, Genevieve Lyons
    • The Needle, Lin Zheng
    • Morning Mist, Claire Stuhlmann
    • Hippie Festival, Sohee Cha
    • Pooja Market in Little India, Lennie Zhu
    • Swedish Sunset, Lucas Salzman
    • Thrifty, Lin Zheng
    • Moroccan Mountains, Rachel Durning
    • Hidden Heaven, Claire Stuhlmann
    • Central Anatolia, Shaye Roseman
    • Babushki, Eric Schwartz
    • Kapadokya, Shaye Roseman
    • Le Montagne e Mi, Robert Franco
    • City Gaucho, Edwin Johnston
    • Cobblestones and Motorbikes, Jocelyn Perry
    • Plaza Italia, Jocelyn Perry
    • Fall at the Wall, Mariah Deters
    • Reflections, Mariah Deters
    • Running of the Horses, Edwin Johnston
    • Two Suns, Thea Walton
    • EXOTHERM II, Laura Gertken
    • 5th Ave, New York, Harriet Parish
    • Philadelphia as seen from New Jersey, Harriet Parish
    • Drive, Thea Walton
    • EXOTHERM, Laura Gertken
    • Celebrating
    • The legendary Dixie Hummingbirds Mural, Wame Olerile
    • Roots and Routes, Kaya Doi
    • University in Autumn, Shiying Zhang
    • Around Philadelphia, Wame Olerile
    • Red in Philly, Shiying Zhang
    • Thanksgiving Dinner, Kenya Anderson
    • Ultimate Frisbee in Barcelona, Bailey Rowland
    • Family Farming, Raquel Ayuso Macgregor
    • Just Another Day, Mariah Deters
    • High Stakes, Mariah Deters
    • Under the Desert Sun, Marcus Mundy
    • Afternoon in the Luxembourg Garden, Lydia Filosa
    • Praia Ipanema, Elizabeth Jacobs
    • Out for a Walk, Lauren Kaufmann
    • Dancing on Red Square, Kateryna Brezitska
    • Hermitage Backpacking, Kateryna Brezitska
    • University Women's Indoor Nationals (UWIN)!!!, Elizabeth Reeves
    • Remar por la Torre del Oro, Shannon Macika
    • Diner avec Marie-José de Heredia, Julie Kranseler
    • Triumph in the South of France, Julie Kranseler
    • The Mong Kok Jade Market, Lennie Zhu
    • High-Fiving Mother Nature, Daniel Friend
    • Proteas, Jamie Kent
    • Breathtaking Frostbite at Dusk, Kelly Wyche
    • Exploring Nzulezo, Kristine Willard
    • Canoe Love, Kristine Willard
    • Overlooking the Routeburn, Kevin Shen
    • Pamukkale!, Shaye Roseman
    • Beyond the Classroom, Trisha Kothari
    • A Passage Through the Cliffs, Tiffany Jordan
    • TECHO para mi país, Sohee Cha
    • Castellers, Madelaine Fargeorge
    • Studying Temples in Sicily, Lydia Filosa
    • Fútbol, Elizabeth Jacobs
    • The Salt Flats, Elizabeth Jacobs
    • Rolling Shutter, Eric Sun Lee
    • Commute to Class, Jasmine Santos
    • An Arab-Israeli Family Dances in the Face of Eviction, Leanne Gale
    • Les enfants aiment le bonimenteur, Julie Kranseler
    • A Family Affair, Julie Kranseler
    • Captivating, Marcus Mundy
    • Jerusalem, Marcus Mundy
    • Head Lessons, Kristine Willard
    • Visita al Willy Wonka de España, Shannon Macika
    • Language Market, Ryan Carty
    • 2 Girls and their Goat, Margaret Daeschler
    • Ghanaian Fisherman, Kristine Willard
    • Jungle Chic, Lin Zheng
    • Constellation Quiz, Claire Stuhlmann
    • Reef Life, Claire Stuhlmann
    • Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (The Dancing House), Ben Whitenack
    • Christmas in Old Town Square, Ben Whitenack
    • Ayasofya, Shaye Roseman
    • 視線ーgaze, Drew Hasson
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