Penn’s China Research and Engagement Fund will support 16 proposals at a funding level of approximately $3.6 million over the first three years of the fund.  

Highlights of the first tranche of projects include:

  • The Fund will support projects involving faculty from all of Penn’s 12 Schools, as well as a half dozen centers and institutes across campus, including the Center for the Study of Contemporary China and the Center for East Asian Studies.
  • The funded projects propose collaborations with over 35 unique Chinese institutional partners, as well as over 10 organizations located around the world.
  • The projects will be led by over 45 principal investigators or principal partners from Penn, with wider participation across campus in the various activities conducted in and around the Center.
  • Annually, 30 to 40 students will have the opportunity to travel in and around China through three new student programming options, including two new short-term Global Seminars.
  • Four additional courses are being offered in conjunction with, or may be designed as a result of, the proposed projects.