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    • Apr 6 3:57PM
    • Shadrack Frimpong of Penn to Establish Community Clinic and Girls’ School in Ghana
    • (This is the first in a series of features introducing the inaugural Penn President's Engagement Prize winners.)  

      As a young student growing up in Tarkwa Breman, a rural village in Ghana, Shadrack Frimpong was surrounded by many bright peers, both male and female. But as the years passed, many of the female students stopped coming to school. 

      "There was one girl in my class who was always topping us,” says Frimpong, a senior at the University of Pennsylvania. “But I later found out her parents had pulled her out of school, first because of poverty, and second because they believe if you take a girl to school she’ll eventually get married and wind up in the kitchen, and then there would be no point of her education.”

      The notion that investing in girls’ education isn’t worthwhile is one that Frimpong has vowed to challenge. Now, as one of ... Read More

    • Feb 26 11:47AM
    • Penn Abroad in Tanzania Is Educational, Enlightening and Thrilling
    • Waking up and seeing a two-ton elephant nearby sounds like it could be a scene from a movie, but that’s exactly what University of Pennsylvania student Hannah Watene experienced while studying abroad in Tanzania.

      Watene, a junior in the College, is spending the semester at the University of Iringa. Along with 10 other students from universities across the United States, she is participating in a program to study community development, culture and the local language, Swahili. 

      The language isn’t new to Watene, of Louisville. An international relations and African studies major, she has taken Swahili for four semesters at Penn, and her parents, originally from Kenya, speak the language. But understanding conversational Swahili spoken by local Tanzanians is a bit of a challenge for her.

      “I’ve definitely had some difficulty adjusting to the rapid pace and the different vocal inflections and cadences,” says Watene.  

      Her classmates in Tanzania ... Read More