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    • Sep 17 3:21PM
    • Penn Senior Kimberly Kolor’s Journey to Study Life and Religion in South Asia
    • While studying abroad in India, University of Pennsylvania senior Kimberly Kolor found even the smallest excursion became a learning experience.

      For example, nose piercing, as it turns out, has custom attached to it. On a bike trip to a local jewelry shop in south India she intended to get the left lobe of her nose pierced; however, the jeweler swiftly pierced the right side before she could utter a word. Turns out that in south India custom calls for only the right side of the nose -– never the left -- to be pierced.

      “I’m interested in the subtleties of daily experience,” says Kolor, a religious studies and South Asia studies double major with a minor in international development. “My main goal was really to get involved with daily life, which I think is sometimes underrated in academia.”

      She began taking Tamil language classes at Penn, which was important for ... Read More

    • Sep 11 4:18PM
    • Penn Student Seeks Adventure Through Study Abroad
    • For University of Pennsylvania senior Olivia Route, some of the most exciting and enriching experiences she’s had as a student have happened while studying abroad.

      In 2014, Route spent the spring semester in Ukraine. Then, this past summer, through Penn Abroad’s International Internship Program, she was in Nepal teaching elementary school students.

      An international relations and Russian major, Route chose to study in Ukraine because she’s interested in conflict in the former Soviet Union and in the Russian language. 

      “I'd studied in Russia in the past, and was looking for a new adventure in my semester abroad,” says Route.

      Route arrived in Kiev in January as part of a program through KROK University and the School of Russian and Asian Studies.

      After just one week there, the conflict intensified in the region and Route and two other university students in the program had to be relocated to ... Read More

    • Sep 4 4:07PM
    • Penn Sophomore Seeks to Globalize Iceland’s Innovations in Renewable Energy
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      This summer, University of Pennsylvania sophomore Elizabeth Dresselhaus of Boulder, Colo., studied renewable energy in Iceland, a country with vast reserves of geothermal energy and hydropower.

      By Christina Cook

      Geothermal energy has proven to be a reliable, sustainable and eco-friendly means of providing power. It is said to be capable of meeting the world’s energy demands, in theory. But can it break our potentially catastrophic dependence on fossil fuels in practice? For University of Pennsylvania sophomore Elizabeth Dresselhaus, the answer lies buried deep below ... Read More