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    • Apr 18 11:02AM
    • Penn Psychologists Study Intense Awe Astronauts Feel Viewing Earth From Space
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      By analyzing accounts of awe that result from seeing Earth from space, David Yaden and Johannes Eichstaedt of the University of Pennsylvania delve deep into the psychology of astronauts.

      Picture Earth at the center of a frame. The planet looks unassuming, a fleck, its blue-and-white marbling stark against a black interstellar backdrop. Yet the image likely evokes some reaction.

      Now imagine seeing this view from space.

      Astronauts who experience Earth from orbit often report feelings of awe and wonder, of being transformed by what they describe ... Read More

    • Apr 5 10:33AM
    • Penn Senior Vaishak Kumar to Launch Agriculture Extension Project in India
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      (This is the first in a series of features introducing the 2016 President’s Engagement Prize winners.) After he graduates next month, Vaishak Kumar, 22, a senior political science major, who grew up in an Indian farming community in the state of Karnataka, India will return to his homeland to launch the NESARA agriculture extension project.

      (This is the first in a series of features introducing the 2016 President's Engagement Prize winners.)

      With the majority of India’s labor force dependent on agriculture for a ... Read More