Undergraduate Travel Request Process - Heightened Risk Regions

Undergraduate students* wishing to participate on Penn-affiliated travel to a Heightened Risk Region must complete the four steps of the Undergraduate Travel Request Process as outlined below. Each step must be completed by the individual student traveler (if traveling alone) or, in the case of group travel, the trip leader who will be traveling with a group involving at least one undergraduate student. Please submit all documents to Jaime Molyneux, Director of International Risk Management, at on or before the deadline indicated below. If you have a special circumstance and cannot adhere to the deadline, please contact  immediately.

Travel Dates Deadline for Submission to CITRA
Summer or Fall April 1st
Winter or Spring November 1st

*Penn Abroad students applying to an approved program or petitioning to participate on a non-approved program do not need to complete this process since it is already embedded within your study abroad application.

  • After You Submit Your Travel Request
  • CITRA will respond to your request within two weeks of the submission deadline with either a final decision or a request for further information. When reviewing requests, CITRA considers a number of factors including, but not limited to, the academic value of the proposed travel, the student’s preparedness and understanding of the risks specific to the region, and whether the proposed trip complies with the applicable International SOS and/or U.S. Department of State Travel Warning guidance. Each travel request is evaluated on its own merit and risks are balanced with the academic value of the international experience. As needed, CITRA will call upon faculty and administrators with regional expertise to participate in the review process.

    We strongly advise you not to confirm your participation on any trip prior to receiving CITRA approval.

    Upon approval, further requirements may be recommended by CITRA. Examples of such additional requirements are:

    • Registration with U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
    • Purchase of additional travel insurance(s)
    • Attendance at orientation/training program for travel to high risk regions 
    • Carrying a local cell phone or satellite phone
    • Contacting a designated university official on arrival in country and/or at regular intervals during travel
    • Obtaining permission from a university official before making side trips
    • Thoroughly vetted ground transportation and/or accommmodations
    • Required trip leader to student ratio (group travel only)

    Contact molyneux@upenn.edu with questions related to the Undergraduate Travel Request Process.

  • Steps to Complete Undergraduate Travel Request
  • Step 1: Complete the International Travel Questionnaire

    Click on the appropriate questionnaire from the options below to download/complete the questionnaire.

    Step 2: Review and Sign the Release of Liability Form for Heightened Risk Regions

    Step 3: Obtain Letter of Support from Sponsoring School/Program

    The letter must be completed and signed by the most relevant faculty member or senior academic/administrative officer from the department or college that will issue course credit, financially sponsor, or otherwise support the student's travel.

    Step 4: Submit all documents to molyneux@upenn.edu by the deadline indicated

  • Can CITRA approval be rescinded?
  • The safety of Penn students abroad is a priority. CITRA will continue to monitor locations where travel approval has been granted. In the event the risk rating changes and/or the security environment deteriorates, CITRA reserves the right to rescind approval or revise the conditions of travel.