Research Regulations

The proposal process and operations procedures for global research must consider a range of factors beyond those associated with research conducted in the US. To evaluate your project and the applicable regulations, the following topics should be considered:

  • Externally sponsored projects must comply with the policies of both the University and the sponsor.
  • Foreign subcontracts may require additional approval with special terms and conditions to meet sponsor guidelines and public policy regulations. The University also requires that the collaborating institution has the internal controls to provide appropriate stewardship of grant monies and the research in general.
  • If your project studies a foreign population, ethical principles and legal requirements must be adhered to protect human and animal subjects whether at home or abroad. Contact Penn’s Office of Regulatory Affairs for more details.
  • Work involving rDNA must be registered and reviewed by Environmental Health & Radiation Safety (EHRS) and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).  
  • If you plan to package and/or ship hazardous materials (biological substances, chemicals or radioactive material) you should contact EHRS for training. 

Contact Information:

Office of Research Services

  • Associate Vice President / Associate Vice Provost
    Phone: +1-215-746-0234

  • Director, Pre Award Administration at ORS 
    Phone: +1-215-573-4507

  • Director, Post Award Financial Administration
    Phone: +1-215-898-2344 

For specific international operations considerations, contact GSS or review the following topics: