Dr. Rodolfo Altamirano would like to thank the IPOG members for a year of great engagement with each other and the ISAB members to create a welcoming climate for international students at the University of Pennsylvania. On November 29, 2012, the first IPOG meeting was actively involved in sharing their perspectives regarding cultural inclusivity at Penn.  Dr. Altamirano would like to thank Lois MacNamara, IPOG member from Graduate School of Education for sharing their best practices in creating a inclusive community in their school. Appreciation goes to Fatimah Muhammad from Greenfield Cultural Center for doing a phenomenal job in facilitating a lively and enlightening discussion. Dr. Altamirano also would like to give special mention to the ISAB members for sharing their personal anecdotes about their life at Penn: Qiwei Shi, Lorenzo Beacco, Sofia Bernier, and Xiatong Chen.

Dr. Emanuel as Special Guest

On March 27, 2012, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, the Vice Provost Global Initiatives was a special guest for the IPOG’s final meeting of the year. Dr. Altamirano is highly appreciative of Dr. Emanuel’s taking the time out of his busy schedule to address the IPOG community.

IPOG and ISAB Partnership

Dr. Altamirano would like to thank the following IPOG members for their presence and engagement during ISAB meetings: Elisabeth O’Connell, Fanny Chu-Fong, Doug Berger, Martin Redman, Myrna Cohen, Chia-Ying Pan, Scott Romeika, Anita Mastroieni, DeAnna Cheung, Raina Vyas and Susan Herron. The ISAB members recognize the advocacy and support from the Penn administrators.