• Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
  • Final Meeting for the 2012:

    Dr. Rodolfo Altamirano would like to congratulate the newly elected co-chairs for ISAB for 2012-2013: Kwadwo Tettey and Sofía Bernier.  Kwadwo, the new ISAB co-chair for graduate affairs hails from Ghana. He  is a doctoral student from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  On the other hand, Sofia, the new co-chair for Undergraduate affairs is a junior from the School of Arts and Sciences. She is originally from Chile. He is looking forward to working with Kwadwo and Sofia as they partner in framing the agenda for next year!  

    He also would like to express his sincere appreciation to outgoing co-chairs, Qiwei Shi and Lorenzo Beacco for a job well done! He wishes them the best in their future personal and professional endeavors. They will certainly leave an indelible mark at Penn!

    Dr. Altamirano also would like to thank the presence of our student representatives for their participation in ISAB  for the academic year and their presence last night: Sohaib Hashmi, Chair, Assembly of International Students, and Will Smith,  Undergraduate Assembly and  Usama Mahmud from GAPSA for your support in many meetings.

    Congratulations are in order for our ISAB members who are graduating from the University of Pennsylvania:  Meryem Akram, Julie Hoang, Lorenzo Beacco, Agatha Oliveira, Julian Matias Ferreiro and Qiwei Shi, . We wish them the best in their future endeavors. We are looking forward to honor them and their parents during the President’s Graduation Reception on May 11, 2012, at 3:30 pm , South America Room , International House.

    ISAB Retreat

    Last April 28, 2012, Dr. Rodolfo Altamirano also conducted a retreat with the new ISAB outgoing chairs, Lorenzo Beacco and Qiwei Shi and the incoming chairs, Kwadwo Tettey and Sofia Bernier. They collectively discussed the directions for ISAB for the coming year as well as reviewed the accomplishments for the past year. Kudos also goes to the following subcommittee co-chairs for all the work that they have done the past year:

    Financial Committee: Dimi Lagias and Julio Arias Castillo

    Housing and Public Safety: Kwadwo Tettey and Frederick Jiacheng Ding

    Student and Cultural Life: Meryem Akram and Tatiana Vasilikioti

    Academic Performance: Akshay Subramanian and Rucha Girish Tatke

ISAB Contact

  • Rudie R. Altamirano – ISAB Founder and Coordinator
    International Student and Scholar Services
  • Ryan Villanueva -
    ISSS Liaison, International Student and Scholar Services