• Mengyue Wang

    "ISO was the first warm welcome to me when I first joined Penn as a new international student and I participated in ISO again as a leader. It was an awesome opportunity to meet international students and scholars from all over the world and explore Penn Community and Philadelphia together! ISO was one of the most wonderful experience I had at Penn and I met the coolest people here!"

  • Adena Wayne

    "Working as an ISO Leader allowed me to see a different aspect of the Penn experience--those who come here from an entirely different country and culture. I was able to meet many new friends from different walks of life and help them learn how to navigate Penn, Philadelphia, and American culture. ISO allows students who are far away from home to meet others who are going through the same thing, and to form friendships with people who are both from their own homeland as well as those who are from dramatically different backgrounds and places from their own. I loved meeting so many new international students and learning about their cultures as I introduced them to the Penn community. All of the ISO and ISSS staff are friendly, enthusiastic, and welcoming, and I have formed great friendships with them. As an American student participating as a leader, I was so glad to have been able to meet wonderful international Penn students that I otherwise might not have had the opportunity to get to know.!"