Hurricane Preparedness

Date of Announcement: August 26, 2011

Dear International Students and Scholars,

We are writing to make you aware of a strong hurricane that is heading up the East Coast and will probably reach Philadelphia Saturday and Sunday. 

The hurricane is likely to disrupt travel through our region.  You should be prepared for transportation delays and/or cancelations.  If you are flying, we encourage you to contact your airline or travel agent prior to departing for the airport since some airlines have already cancelled flights for the weekend.

The storm may also cause cancelations and closures at the university.   We would recommend reviewing Penn’s emergency phone numbers at

If you have not already done so, you should enroll in the UPenn Alert system for emergency updates.  PennAlert system information is available at   

The city of Philadelphia has important resources including what to prepare at

For new students -- In the event that the university is closed, or your flight is delayed, please do not worry about attending the orientation sessions on Monday.  We will have more opportunities throughout the week,

We hope that this storm will have little or no impact on you.   Please follow its progress and take precautions as necessary or as instructed by the authorities. 


The OIP-ISSS Staff