Prices in American stores and supermarkets are fixed and not negotiable. Bargaining for a lower price for your items is not an option unless you are at yard sales, some secondhand stores, or street markets at the end of the day when food sellers are anxious to sell their fresh produce. Find directions to these stores by entering the address on Google Maps.

  • Food Shopping: Area Supermarkets & Convenience Stores
  • Fresh Grocer             
    40th and Walnut St.
    Supreme Shop-n-Bag        
    4301 Walnut St.
    South Square Market                               
    2221 South St.
    3021 Gray's Ferry Ave.
    46th and Market St.
    42nd and Walnut Sts.
    Wawa Food Markets
    2000 Chestnut St.
    3604 Chestnut St.
    3417 Spruce St.
    3744 Spruce St.
    Trader Joe's
    21st and Market Sts.
  • Food Shopping: Selected International Stores
  • Asian American Market
    4421 Chestnut St.
    Tel: 215-386-1254
    Italian Market
    9th St. between
    Wharton and Christian Sts.
    Bayon Oriental and American Food
    4612 Walnut St.
    Predominately Korean
    International Store
    4203 Walnut St.
    Predominately Indian
    Between Market and Vine Sts.
    and 8th and 11th Sts.
    Makkah Market
    4249 Walnut St.
    Predominately Middle Eastern
    Tel: 215-382-0909
    Dong Dae Moon Oriental Supermarket
    4734-40 Spruce St.
    Predominately Korean and Japanese
    Midori Mart
    2104 Chestnut St.
    Predominately Japanese and Korean
    Tel: 215-569-3381
    El Nayarit
    610 S. Union St.
    Kennett Square, PA
    Tel: 610-444-3412
    Predominately Mexican
    P & P Grocery
    4307 Locust
    Predominately Thai
    Tel: 215-387-3509
    El Sombrero
    422 Gap Newport Pike (Route 41)
    Arondale, PA
    Tel: 610-268-3553
    Reading Terminal Market
    12th and Arch St.
    Fresh farm produce and prepared food
  • Discount Stores
  • Kmart                                                           
    424 Oregon Ave.
    The Gallery at Market East,
    10th and Market Sts.
    1601 S. Columbus Blvd.
    1 Mifflin St.
    2206 S. Columbus Blvd.
  • Secondhand Stores
  • Second Mile Center
    414 S. 45th St.
    (between Walnut and Locust)
    Books, clothing, furniture,
    cookware, jewelry, shoes, and more

    Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles
    1220 Spruce St. (between 12th and 13th Sts.)
    Used furniture

    Circle Thrift
    2233 Frankford Ave.

    1125 S. Broad St., Lower level
    Books, clothes, housewares and more....

    Philly AIDS Thrift
    710 S. 5th St. (Between Bainbridge and Fitzwater Sts.)
    Books, clothes, housewares and more....