International law is one of the weakest forms of law, and yet it is hard to image a world of interdependence without involving multiple states and non-state actors in legal rule for consensus formation, decision-making, and dispute settlement. 

The International Law & International Relations Junior Scholars Conference will be an opportunity for junior scholars, post doctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students to present papers on international law and world politics to a broad audience in law, political science and other disciplines. Papers will include, but are not limited to, the following topics: the politics of law making, compliance, and dispute settlement; evolution in the politics of international law, the legal structures relevant to international relations; the relationship between international and domestic law and politics; and the roles of various actors from states to sub-national to private actors in global governance structures. 

This conference will be held at Perry World House on March 12th, 2018, and is co-sponsored by Dr. William Burke-White and Dr. Beth Simmons, and the call for papers can be found here.

Select papers from the 2017 conference may be viewed below:

Norm Life Cycles 

by Matthew Kim 

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