Greater Latin American Studies Consortium (GPLASC) Student Conference

Perry World House 
Join us for the Greater Latin American Studies Consortium (GPLASC) Student Conference Contemporary Approaches to Art, Culture and Politics next Tuesday, April 18th at Perry World House.  
The conference will be from 1-6 P.M. with the keynote address "The Specter of Populism: Learning the Wrong Lessons from Latin America" by Dr. Thea Riofrancos of Providence College at 5 P.M.  She will be followed by a special guest performance by La Fina, a Cuban rap artist and director of "Somos Mucho Mas," from 6-7 P.M. Please see posters below followed by a complete conference line-up.

12:30-1:00 Check In/Refreshments

1:00-1:15 Opening Remarks.  Dr. Elizabeth Borland, President, Greater Philadelphia Latin American Studies Consortium and Dr. Tulia Falleti, Director, Latin American and Latino Studies, University of Pennsylvania.

1:15-2:45 First Panel Session

Development, Environment, and State Capacity in Latin America

Location: World Forum

Panel Chair: Tulia Falleti, University of Pennsylvania, The Class of 1965 Term Associate Professor; Director of Latin American and Latino Studies Program; and Senior Fellow Leonard Davis Institute of Health


“Inclusive Capitalism and Democracy in Latin America”

Gretel Cuevas Verdin, Bryn Mawr College, Political Science and Economics

“The Political Economy of Amazon Deforestation: Sub-national Development and the Uneven Reach of the Colombian State”

Javier Revelo-Rebolledo, University of Pennsylvania, Political Science 

“The Policy Reach of Ethnic Cleavages: The Impact of Ethnicity on Policy Preferences in the Andes”

Mariana Giusti-Rodriguez, University of Pennsylvania, Political Science

"Roots in the earth and fists in the air: A look at the militant ethos in defense of the Mapuche identity in Lof Ranquehue"

Emma DeBald, Temple University, College of Liberal Arts


Art, Culture, and Community Empowerment


Location: Conference Room


Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Borland, The College of New Jersey, Chair of Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Professor of Sociology

“Muralismo y Marxismo: An Exploration of Public Art in Modern Cuban Society”

Angela Gervasi, Temple University, Journalism, GPLASC Grant Recipient

“Renewed Cuba-United States Relations and the Effects on Minority Communities”

Erika Bunkowski, The College of New Jersey, International Studies

"That's We Language: The Role of Media in Preserving the Culture and Autonomy on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua”

Eli LaBan, Temple University, Media Studies and Production

“Sketching a Community: Creating Art Spaces Despite Lack of Recognition and Support” [Case study from Nicaraguan Coast]

Rebecca McIntyre, Saint Joseph’s University, Sociology and Spanish

Social and Cultural Capital

Location: Global Policy Lab

Moderator: Adira Fierro-Villa, University of Pennsylvania, Sociology, Doctoral Student.

“The Immigrant Parent Disadvantage: Parent Linguistic Capital and Student School Performance.”

Jason Fontana, Temple University, Sociology


“The Evolution of Tango: The impact gender roles and culture have on the Argentinean Tango”

Angelique Onorati, University of Pennsylvania, Liberal and Professional Studies

“Concept-Based Instruction and the Development of Aspectual Distinctions in Novice Learners of L2 Spanish”

Madison Rogers, Rutgers-University Camden, Spanish

“Between Sound and Silence: Music and Feminine Expression in Latin American Literature”

Krysta Herrera, Rutgers-University Camden, Spanish

2:45-3:00 Break/Refreshments

3:00-4:30 Second Panel Presentations

Political Regimes, Justice, and Rights

Location: World Forum

Moderator: Catherine Bartch, University of Pennsylvania, Associate Director of Latin American and Latino Studies


“Government Institutions in El Salvador’s Democracy”

Jonathan Haskin, University of Pennsylvania, Political Science


“Kirchnerism: The Movement of Peronist Politics in Argentina Toward the Left”

Peter Thacher, University of Pennsylvania, Urban Studies and Political Science

“Impact of the ILO on the Domestic Work Industry in Latin America”

Emilia Hinckley, University of Pennsylvania, Arts and Sciences

“Children of Brazil’s Military Regimes and Revival of Current Military Discourse”

Bianca Molina, University of Pennsylvania, Latin and American and Latino Studies Major

“Hablando desde la sepultura: La búsqueda de justicia y verdad en el caso de Alberto

 Nisman” Christopher D’Urso, University of Pennsylvania, International Relations and Fels Institute of Government

Representations of Struggle and Resistance

Location: Conference Room

Moderator: Gabriel Isaac Salgado, University of Pennsylvania, Political Science Department, Doctoral Candidate


“Fashioning Resistance: The Winterthur Rebozo and Criolla Identity in Late-Eighteenth Century New Spain”

Kristina Gray, University of Delaware, Art History

“El rol de la película West Side Story (1961) en la caracterización de la cultura y la lengua de los hispanos que habitaban en los EEUU”

Nicole Estrella, Rutgers University-Camden, Spanish

“Parallel Cultures / Parallel Soldiers: Spanish military adaptation from the Reconquista to the Conquest of Mexico”

Andres De los Rios, University of Pennsylvania, History

‘Saudade,’ or Critical Nostalgia: Theorizing Political Coming-to-Consciousness in Neoliberal Ecuador in Juan Carlos Donoso Gómez’s Saudade

Nick Millman, University of Pennsylvania, English

Narrating Neoliberalism and Neocolonialism in Latin American Literature and Film


Location: Global Policy Lab


Moderator: Tommy Conners, University of Pennsylvania, Romance Languages/Hispanic Studies, Doctoral Candidate  

 “Neocolonialism in Octavio Getino and Fernando Solanas’s The Hour of the Furnaces (1968) and with Hubert Sauper's Darwin’s Nightmare (2004).

Jun Hwuy An, Univesity of Pennsylvania, Literature

“La subversión en la escritura del proyecto nacional en Las memorias de Mamá Blanca

Chloe Lee, Temple University, Spanish and Portuguese

“Los muerto vivientes de Gonzalo de Berceo: El Romero de Santiago”

Bárbara Romero Petidier, University of Delaware, Spanish Literature

“Linguistic diversity in Los de abajo by Mariano Azuela and Ciudad Real by Rosario Castellanos as commentaries on Mexican Social Hierarchies”

Laura Seaberg, Haverford College

4:15- 4:45 Break and Reception

4:45- 5:00 Presentation of GPLASC and LALS Awards

5:00-6:00 Keynote Speaker, Dr. Thea Riofrancos, Providence College, Assistant Professor of Political Science will present “The Specter of Populism: Learning the Wrong Lessons from Latin America.”

6:00-7:00 Special Guest Artist, La Fina, a Cuban rap artist. will share her story as a feminist Afrocubana rapper and as the director of “Somos Mucho Más," the only female hip hop initiative on the island. 

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Ricardo Salinas Foundation Scholarship

Aspen Institute 
The Ricardo Salinas Foundation Scholarship at the Aspen Institute is awarded to Latino/as and Latin Americans, who hold or are pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate degree, who demonstrate leadership in their community or area of expertise.  For information on how to apply, please visit: 

Mini-grants for faculty and students -- History of Puerto Rican individuals and communities in the U.S.

Hunter College, SUNY 
The Center for Puerto Rican Studies and Research Partnership Program at Hunter College, SUNY in NYC offers a number of mini-grants for faculty and students that collect data, study and examine the history of Puerto Rican individuals and communities in the U.S.  Please see this link for more information: