Penn China Research and Engagement Fund

Frequently Asked Questions (CREF)

Please refer to our FAQ document to review our responses to frequently asked questions regarding items such as, but limited to:

  • What is covered by the Penn CREF facilitation fee? 

  • Can the match funding be direct payments to outside vendors from an external funding source?

  • Who should I contact to schedule/arrange events to be held at the China Center and services to be provided by PWCC staff?**

  • How do I handle the following situations regarding hiring, contracting with, and paying service providers in China (excluding researchers)?  How do I hire, contract with, and pay individuals such as research assistants in China?

**All Penn CREF recipients are encouraged to reach out to the Penn Wharton China Center team as soon as possible to begin the event planning process and obtain a copy of the event planning packet, PWCC price list, and begin discussions about external vendor pricing.