New Horizons in East Asia

Principal Investigator: Mauro Guillen, Director, The Lauder Institute

Co-Principal Investigators: Frederick Dickinson, Deputy Director, Center for the Integrated Study of Japan; Kenric Tsethlikai, Managing Director, The Lauder Institute

Lead School: The Wharton School, The Lauder Institute

Penn Partners: Center for East Asian Studies, Center for the Study of Contemporary China, Center for the Integrated Study of Japan, James Joo Kim Program, The Wharton School (Wharton External Relations)

Chinese Partners: Beijing Foreign Studies University; Fudan University

Other Partners: Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan); Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea)

Project Abstract

With support from the Penn China Research & Engagement Fund, the Lauder Institute intends to highlight significant curricular changes in the International Studies degree program related specifically to China and the East Asia Region. In February 2015, the Graduate Group for International Studies approved a curricular model based on regional Programs of Concentration: Africa; Americas; Europe; East Asia; Global; South Asia, Middle East and North Africa. To this end, our current language-driven (Chinese and Japanese) programs will fall under an umbrella region, in this case, the East Asia Program. With Penn CREF support, Lauder will pilot new curriculum development in the East Asia region, bringing together partners from around the region to explore historic, current and future challenges related to East and Southeast Asia. Our project also supports faculty collaborations in support of coursework for the new curriculum and seed-money to begin an intercultural immersion for non-East Asia Program students.