Penn China Cardiovascular Imaging Project

Principal Investigator: Yuchi Han, MD, MMSc, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Co-Principal Investigators: Dinesh Jagasia, MBBS, FAAC, Professor of Clinical Medicine; Yundai Chen, MD, PhD, Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine, PLA General Hospital

Lead School: Perelman School of Medicine

Penn Partners: Perelman School of Medicine (Departments of Noninvasive Cardiovascular Medicine, Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine, and Radiology)

Chinese Partners: PLA General Hospital (Cardiovascular Medicine), Peking Union Medical Center Hospital (Cardiovascular Medicine)

Project Abstract

In China, the utilization of advanced cardiovascular imaging modalities (e.g. cardiac MR and CT) for the diagnosis and treatment of complex cardiovascular disease is not well developed. This is mostly related to inadequate clinical and research training of Chinese cardiologists in this arena and lack of multidisciplinary imaging and consultative conferences. This project uses a multi-faceted strategy in collaboration with the cardiology departments in China (PLA General Hospital and Peking Union Medical Center Hospital, Beijing) to address this problem. In partnership with Chinese physicians, Penn will train the future leaders of advanced cardiac imaging in China. Following the training, Penn and Chinese cardiologists will conduct collaborative research using cutting edge cardiac MR techniques for evaluation of heart muscle, arteries and arrhythmias. Collaborators in China will also implement our research sequences in their funded work and thus allow us to have access to a large number of patients to further our research development work at Penn.