India Research and Engagement Fund

Reporting Requirements (IREF)


Applicants will be required to submit narrative and expenditure reports on a semi-annual basis. Reports will be due on the following days, unless otherwise noted:

  • January 31

  • July 15

All narrative and expenditure reports must be submitted at the same time electronically via email to Please note that if a semi-annual report is not submitted, the Principal Investigator will jeapordize his/her likelihood for continued funding.

All awardees must complete the narrative report template. A fully-completed form should be at the front of the report.  The form is inclusive of the following elements:

  • Project Information

  • Collaborations

  • Summary of the Project (Key Objectives and Deliverables Achieved)

  • Assessment of Impact

  • Activities in the Penn Wharton China Center

  • Timeline of Activities for the Upcoming Reporting Period

  • Challenges and Feedback

Semi-annually the School/Center should supply an Excel financial status report together with the program narrative described above to Penn Global. This report should include the following:

  1. Spending to date compared to budget with the same line item detail as was included in the approved budget.

  2. Any anticipated issues related to project completion within budget.

For additional financial guidelines, please refer to the Financial Processing of Awards document.


Participation in the Annual Penn India Research Symposium

At the end of the one-year term, even if the project itself has not concluded, Penn Global may request that the Principal Investigator share his or her project with the University community at a Penn India Research Symposium. Representatives from Penn Global will follow up with each Principal Investigator to provide additional details regarding this event.