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    • Feb 26 11:47AM
    • Penn Abroad in Tanzania Is Educational, Enlightening and Thrilling
    • Waking up and seeing a two-ton elephant at your door sounds like it could be a scene from a movie, but that’s exactly what University of Pennsylvania student Hannah Watene experienced while studying abroad in Tanzania.

      Watene, a junior in the College, is spending the semester at the University of Iringa. Along with 10 other students from universities across the United States, she is participating in a program to study community development, culture and the local language, Swahili. 

      The language isn’t new to Watene, of Louisville. An international relations and African studies major, she has taken Swahili for four semesters at Penn, and her parents, originally from Kenya, speak the language. But understanding conversational Swahili spoken by local Tanzanians is a bit of a challenge for her.

      “I’ve definitely had some difficulty adjusting to the rapid pace and the different vocal inflections and cadences,” says Watene.  

      Her classmates in ... Read More

    • Feb 16 10:07AM
    • Penn Researchers Develop New Technique for Making Graphene Competitor, Molybdenum Disulphide
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      Physics’ A.T. Charlie Johnson and Engineering’s Ritesh Agarwal, along with members of their labs, have a new way to "seed" the growth of a promising new 2-D material.

      Graphene, a single-atom-thick lattice of carbon atoms, is often touted as a replacement for silicon in electronic devices due to its extremely high conductivity and unbeatable thinness. But graphene is not the only two-dimensional material that could play such a role.

      University of Pennsylvania researchers have made an advance in manufacturing one such material, molybdenum disulphide. By growing flakes ... Read More

    • Jan 21 1:39PM
    • Seeing The World Through New Penn Summer Abroad Programs
    • Students at the University of Pennsylvania can study in Cuba thanks to a Penn Summer Abroad program in Havana.

      Taught by Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, associate professor and undergraduate chair in the Department of History of Art in the School of Arts & Sciences, the seven-day Penn-in-Havana program explores the region’s art and architecture. The class will visit galleries, museums and the international art festival, the Havana Biennal. Students will also have an opportunity to meet and speak with local artists.

      “Because we only have a week on the island, the itinerary will be non-stop and should be very exciting for the students who enroll in the class,” says Shaw. “I hope that their time in Cuba inspires them to return to the island again, with family and friends, or perhaps on business if things continue to move forward in a positive way.”

      Shaw had been ... Read More