Penn Global estimates that over 1,000 Penn students are already participating in embedded study abroad courses each year.

The Penn Global Seminars program builds upon a strong foundation of embedded, short-term study abroad courses for graduate and undergraduate students at all 12 of Penn's schools. Individual faculty members or school administrators have been designing and running these programs for decades, often taking students to regions of the world that often are less considered by students as destinations for traditional study abroad.

Course Structure

Each Global Seminar is a full semester-long course at Penn with a travel component that occurs either at the end of the semester or over a break. During the on-campus part of the course, students will take an in-depth look into a particular topic, and will spend the travel component of the course deepening and contextualizing the course content. Courses are intentionally small to allow for deep discussion and engagement with the material.  Most Global Seminars will have fewer than 20 students enrolled. The travel component of the course enriches and contextualizes the on-campus course material. 

Propose a Seminar

If you are a faculty member with an idea for a Penn Global Seminar or know of a course that would make a great seminar, please let us know by emailing .