Export control laws limit the transfer of goods and information to people and places outside of the United States. For certain items, a license is required to be exported while vast majority of research and teaching activities do not require a license. To determine whether your item needs a license you need to determine what item will be sent to where, to whom and for what purpose. For more information visit the website of the Office of Research Services.  

General license required items

  • Nuclear materials, information and equipment
  • Chemicals, microorganisms or toxins (including vectors and pathogens)
  • Electronics and computers (including GPS systems or encryption technologies)
  • Lasers and sensors
  • Navigation and avionics

Important Export Control Resources

External Point of Contact

, Associate Director
Export Compliance
Phone: +1-215-573-8817

General Export Control Regulations

  • Transfer of items/information to people or entities outside the US
  • Disclosure of information to a foreign national inside the US
  • Training of services involving controlled equipment or information to a foreign national
  • Transaction with, or providing services to certain entities, individuals, or countries on embargo or banned parties list

Travel to Iran

If you are planning to travel to Iran please review the:

Anyone traveling on behalf of Penn, regardless of nationality or passport used, is subject to the OFAC regulations and may require a license from the U.S. government before engaging in certain activities in Iran or with Iranians. Please contact with questions.