Local Personnel

Programs may only hire local personnel in-country when Penn is a registered entity or a registered employer in the host country. This possibility may be more cost effective and sustainable however, it requires that Penn has a legal presence or registration in-country, as well as the creation and management of a local payroll.  In most cases, hiring local personnel directly is not an option.  Penn is currently registered in very few countries.  Registering an entity abroad is a very complex and costly way to operate overseas. Unless there are long-term plans or a business benefit for establishing a presence abroad, Penn has no plans for creating a presence in additional countries.

If Penn is NOT a registered employer in the host country, any direct hiring must consider the following:

  • Will the University have a Permanent Establishment if the employee is hired by the U.S. entity?

  • How will the withholding and statutory obligations be handled?

  • How will the individual’s tax liabilities be handled?

  • Are all statutory benefits handled through social/government contributions or does the employer have to adopt local plans to cover its in-country employees?