All Penn travelers should take an active role in addressing safety concerns regarding political, cultural, legal, and health conditions of the region of travel. For complete information refer to our International Travel Guidance page.

External Point of Contact

This is the main person, outside of GSS, that can help you with your questions.

  • Director of International Risk Management 
  • Phone: +1-215-573-6122
  • Prepare for the Region
  • Research region-specific matters that might affect your safety including cultural differences, and make sure that you are knowledgeable about any recent event that may be impacting the region. 

    Global Support Services and the Director of International Risk Management can help you plan your travel and evaluate health and safety issues. International Risk Management also provides pre-departure orientation that addresses general health, safety and security issues for a specific country/region. To arrange an orientation, contact Jaime Molyneux.

  • Prepare for Student Travel
  • Safety considerations must be addressed by the faculty and staff leading programs that involve graduate and undergraduate students. The Office of Global Support Services can provide guidance to those leading overseas programs on issues such as oversight, responsible conduct, adherence to itineraries, waivers, and coordination of travel. 

    In the event that a program is under consideration in a country for which a US State Department Travel Warning or Alert is posted, faculty and staff leading the program must contact the Office of Risk Management or the Office of Global Support Services before proceeding with arrangements. The student must also consult the Committee on International Travel Risk Assessment (CITRA), which is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of Penn travelers, through developing guidelines and reviewing travel to Heightened Risk Regions.

    The process of requesting undergraduate travel can also be found under International Travel Guidance.