The Friday Five

Each Friday, we sit down for a (virtual) chat with one of our campus partners to discuss the many resources available to Penn's international student community. During these bite-sized conversations, our guests share their tips for staying healthy, keeping on top of coursework, locating a job/internship, and other topics. The purpose of these sessions is to give students practical advice on how to achieve success and well-being, both on campus and off, particularly in light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Friday, April 3
Episode 1: Weingarten Learning Resources Center

featuring Julianne Reynolds, M.A., Associate Director of the Office of Learning Resources and Learning Instructor for International Students

During this session, Weingarten's Julianne Reynolds gives us her tips on how international students can stay organized, focused, and on task in a dramatically new academic environment.

Friday, April 10
Episode 2: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 

with Dr. Yuhong He, Psychologist & International Specialist 

This session with Dr. Yuhong He highlights tips for managing anxieties, making peace with uncertainty, and staying connected with friends and family while socially isolated.

Friday, April 17
Episode 3: Campus Health

with Rob Smith, MS, MPH, Health Educator

In this episode, we discuss tips for staying healthy and accessing health care with Campus Health's Rob Smith. 

Friday, April 24
Episode 4: Career Services

with Barbara Hewitt, EdD, Executive Director of Career Services

In this episode, we discuss how Career Services is supporting students and advice for the search for employment like jobs and internships.