Avoid Payment Scams: US Government Doesn't Accept Fees By Phone or Email

Date of Announcement: September 1, 2016

Immigrants all over the country are being targeted in scams. Don’t be one of the victims! Scammers may call or email you, pretending to be a government official, such as USCIS or IRS. They will say that there is a problem with an application or additional information is required to continue the immigration process. They will then ask for personal and sensitive details, and demand payment to fix any problems.

Remember, US government officials will never ask for payment over the phone or in an email. If the US government requires payment, they will mail a letter on official stationery requesting payment.

If you receive a scam email or phone call, report it to the Federal Trade Commission at http://1.usa.gov/1suOHSS.  As a Penn student or scholar, you can also report it to Penn Police at 215-573-3333.