Travel, both domestic and foreign, is an integral part of Penn Global.

The Business Office team supports Penn Global staff, faculty, national affiliates, and international affiliates who may not be members of the Penn community. This page will provide all necessary forms, links, and procedures to ensure any and all travel runs smoothly from departure to return.

Before you go

World Travel is the preferred method to book all travel. Select Penn Global Business Office as your approver when reservations are made. (

Link to World Travel website

Make sure you fill out the Penn Global Notification Travel Form before making your reservation. A link to the form is located in the right-hand document box and copy the Business Office email when submitting it to your supervisor for approval. No travel will be approved without the form on file.

If any part of your trip includes personal travel, please refer to our policy link here.


Concur is the University's preferred method of booking travel and submitting expenses.The Below links are step by step guides on how to navigate and utilize this application.

Click on any of these links below for step by step tutorials

If you need to account for any alcohol on your trip, please refer to the second tab of the travel notification form and itemize any alcohol.

Log in to Concur

Submitting Your Completed Expense Report

Before you submit your report, double check that the following are included:

  • The registration form for all conferences attended
  • Use of Proper Naming Conventions (Date, Conference Name, City)
  • Only one event or trip is submitted per expense report
  • Applicable per diems were listed on the travel form
  • Any alcohol or non-reimbursable items are itemized and correct worksheet is attached
  • Detailed and itemized receipts are attached for all expenses


Penn Global staff is reimbursed for the tips for meals, transportation, and hotel workers when the tips are in accordance with accepted tipping standards. Tipping is generally not required for business meeting delivery. No tip should be given if a delivery fee is charged. If a tip is given, it is not to exceed $10.00.

Tipping Standards: 15-20% for meals and transportation; $1 - $2 for hotel workers


Penn Global's preferred method of booking train tickets is via Procard.

Train tickets may be booked through World Travel, but there is a 3rd party fee charged when booking through Concur. Amtrak tickets CAN be purchased without an extra fee on by either the Travel Card or the Pcard, which card used is up to departmental discretion.