Collaborations with China

Annenberg’s Center for Global Communication Studies’ (CGCS) partnerships with the Communications University of China (CU), Peking University, and Renmin University have led to a number of collaborative projects. These include international workshops such as Global Olympiad, Chinese Media, (2008) and Big Data and Modeling Methods in Communication Research (2014), as well as ongoing development of programs for international communications studies.

Tsinghua University: The CGCS offers the Penn-in-Beijing program to undergraduates, and Tsinghua faculty member Qingan Zhou participates in the annual Annenberg/Oxford Summer Institute for media studies.

Annenberg has long-standing relationships with Professors Jack Qiu and Doreen Weisenhaus at Hong Kong University’s Center for Journalism and Communications Studies.

The CGCS Visiting Scholar Program offers scholars from China and around the world dedicated time to focus on their own research and the opportunity to interact with the Annenberg and Penn communities.