Angela Ding

Portrait of Angela
University of Queensland
Nursing '23

Angela Ding is a junior nursing student with a minor in Nursing & Health Services Management. In the upcoming fall semester, she will be traveling to Brisbane, Australia, and studying at the University of Queensland. Being from the Bay Area, California, she is excited to spend her last fall semester in an environment reminiscent of the warm, 60-degree California winters she grew up with. Currently, she is President of Keynotes A Cappella and an active member of Alpha Iota Gamma. In her free time, she enjoys playing pick-up basketball, running, hammocking, and watching Jane the Virgin on repeat. She is incredibly excited for a semester of personal growth, exploring Brisbane, and learning about the role of nursing in the Australian health care system. 

During her upcoming semester, she is particularly looking forward to…

  • Learning how to surf (even if it is just standing on the board for more than 10 seconds…)!
  • Mastering the transportation system and finding her go-to parks, cafes, pools
  • Enrolling in her first race in a foreign country (10k? Half-marathon?)
  • Attending a university where one in four students are international and meeting people from all across the world!
  • Working with healthcare professionals and patients of such different cultural backgrounds
  • Attending a sports game
  • Seeing a kangaroo!
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