Global Research & Internship Program COVID-19 Information

Penn Abroad continues to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation worldwide. As of October 2020, per Penn’s travel criteria, all domestic and international travel remains suspended for students, staff, and faculty.

Penn Abroad is guided by the travel criteria put forth by Penn’s Committee on Travel Risk Assessment to determine when it is safe to resume international travel for students. For more information on the travel criteria for Penn, please refer to the travel guidelines and procedures on Penn's International Travel Guidance website.

For the GRIP Summer 2021 program, Penn Abroad will continue to work with Penn Leadership and Risk Management to assess worldwide travel conditions, program site travel feasibility, and entry restrictions in conjunction with our host organizations and local partners.

  • Based on travel guidance and in collaboration with employers, Penn will make initial determinations of whether each GRIP placement will be conducted on-site abroad or in a virtual format by the program decision notification date. Each accepted student’s decision letter will state whether the placement will be conducted on-site or in a virtual format.

  • If Penn determines that travel to the program location may not proceed, the internship or research placement will be moved to a virtual format whenever possible. This will be stated in the decision letter. If moved to a virtual format, the roles and responsibilities of the internship may change. For cohort programs, the same internship/company is not guaranteed; if the original host organization cannot accommodate the student virtually, the student will be placed at another organization.

  • If Penn determines that travel to the program location may proceed, this will be indicated in the student decision letter. However, it is important to note that policies, circumstances, and travel restrictions may change at any time. In the event that a placement must change to a virtual format after the decision letter has been issued, a new decision letter will be issued to the accepted student and their funding award will be adjusted according to the Virtual Program information located in the Money Matters tab of each program brochure in PASSPORT.

  • Penn’s decision to offer a given GRIP placement in an on-site or virtual format is final. Students whose program is moved virtually may not elect to complete the internship on-site abroad.  Likewise, if a program has been determined to take place in-person, accepted students may not elect to complete the program virtually.

  • Once committed to a GRIP Summer 2021 placement, students are expected to follow through with the placement, even if it moves to a virtual format after the commitment deadline.

The Penn Abroad team will continue to monitor the situation regularly and provide updates to GRIP students prior to the program commitment deadline.  Please note that travel may be suspended to some or all GRIP locations at any time prior to departure, or even after departure.

GRIP funding awards will be different depending on whether the program takes place in-person or in a virtual format. For details on GRIP funding awards for on-site programs versus remote programs, please read the Money Matters tab of each program brochure in PASSPORT.