CAS' 18

Ahmad Jones

SA: CIEE Sao Paulo

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): CIEE Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ask me about...

  • Being completely alone in a new country for the first time

  • Taking all of my classes in Portuguese

  • Living with a host family

My Experience Abroad:

One of my minors was Latin American/Latino Studies and immersing myself in the Brazilian culture did wonders for me. I learned about politics, economics, language, culture, and so much more than anything I could have read in a textbook. I also revisited various theories of international relations that I had learned at Penn. This was good because it allowed me to interpret them from a different social and cultural perspective, giving me a more well-rounded view. Most importantly, I learned how to connect and interact with people, which is something that should be a part of every major at Penn.

Other Highlights:

  • I learned martial arts

  • I joined the school band

  • I experienced Carnaval

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