SEAS '21 Alia Wallenstrom

SA: University of New South Wales

Programs Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): University of New South Wales, Australia

Ask me about...

  • Going abroad as a SEAS student

  • Going abroad as a sophomore

My Experience Abroad:

I was able to take the critical engineering courses required for my CBE curriculum while abroad. While I only took a couple of engineering courses, all of my abroad courses counted to my required credits.

Other Highlights:

  • Traveling throughout Australia (particularly a 3-day backpacking trip south of Cannes, Byron Bay and Melbourne)

  • The people (Australians are so kind, welcoming, and fun)

  • The ability to develop strong, lasting relationships with other abroad students and Aussies

  • Living a very outdoorsy and adventurous lifestyle

  • Traveling to other countries as well (I went to Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand)

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