Nursing '22 Charlotte Cecarelli

PGS: Travel to Ghana

Program Abroad:

  • Penn Global Seminars (PGS): Culture, Development and Health in Ghana

Ask me about...

  • Studying abroad for the first time

  • Studying abroad as a nursing student

  • How PGS courses are flexible and fit into academic schedules (for nursing students specifically)

  • Gaining exposure to students from other majors, allowing me to make friendships across many disciplines

My Experience Abroad:

As a nursing student, I had been told that doing traditional study abroad would be difficult because of the rigid curriculum. After discovering the opportunities Penn Global Seminars (PGS) offered, I knew this would be a great option that would allow me the opportunity to travel abroad while still maintaining the nursing class schedule. The PGS in Ghana allowed me to take a course with majors other than nursing. Alongside many other topics, healthcare themes were explored in great depth. I had the opportunity to learn about the healthcare system in Ghana (through tours while in Ghana), and many healthcare disparities such as Sickle Cell Anemia. 

Other Highlights:

  • Having an authentic experience in Ghana that included hotels, restaurants, and sites all run by Ghanaians.

  • Having very knowledgeable and open professors including one who was extremely knowledgeable about Ghana and had studied and traveled there many times before.

  • Being able to travel alongside students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. This included spending all of our time in Ghana together, including having them as roommates in the hotels! I will never forget the bonds I formed with these students and the rich culture I was able to learn from them. We still talk often!

  • Visiting the slave castles in Cape Coast. This was a heart wrenching experience that I learned a lot from and will truly never forget. 

  • Hiking and participating in the canopy walk at Kakum National Forest. These canopy walks were over 100 ft above the forest floor! 


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