WHARTON '24 Christine Liang

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GRIP: Remote Intern

Programs Abroad:

Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP - Virtual program in Summer 2021): RedBeard Talent in Sydney, Australia 

Ask me about...

A major part of startup culture is the freedom, responsibility, and control that each person in the company has. Because RedBeard Talent only has around 10 employees, each person has a designated set of duties, but it is all very flexible. With my experience in the company thus far, my co-intern and I had a lot of say in what projects we want to work on and how we plan on tackling those problems. I think every student should explore startups at some point in their career, and RedBeard was a great place to start.

My Experience Abroad:

RedBeard’s flexible work culture is very empowering because it gives me space and freedom to work on my own time. I set my own deadlines, so some weeks, I’m very go go go while other weeks I take a more relaxed stance and reflect on the work that we have already done. This has definitely made me consider my preferred working style. I really love having the power to make my own decisions and go off into projects that I view are valuable. As I apply to future internships, I will take extra time to learn about the culture of firms to ensure that I will find the work-life balance fit for me.

Other Highlights:

  • Working with a co-intern 
  • Meeting people from across the world
  • Learning about startup culture
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