CAS '19

Eric Selzer

SA: University of Edinburgh

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Ask me about...

  • Working at the Scottish Parliament in the midst of Brexit negotiations

  • Watching a speech that I wrote delivered on the floor of the Scottish Parliament

  • Joining the University of Edinburgh’s tennis team and competing in matches across Scotland

My Experience Abroad:

As a political science major interested in European affairs, I had an amazing opportunity to experience U.K. politics and government firsthand during my semester abroad. After taking courses in Scottish government, politics, and public policy at the University of Edinburgh, I had the unique opportunity to work as an intern at the Scottish Parliament. Over the course of this internship, I took on a wide range of responsibilities, such as drafting speeches for a Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP), meeting with constituents, and writing a legislative research report for the Parliament. Having the chance to not only study British government and politics in the classroom but also experience the inner workings of the Scottish Parliament on a daily basis made my experience all the more meaningful.

Other Highlights:

  • Living in the heart of Edinburgh's historic Old Town less than 1 mile from Queen Elizabeth's Scottish residence, Holyrood Palace

  • Watching Scottish tennis star Andy Murray play an exhibition match against Roger Federer in Glasgow

  • Taking a road trip to Scotland's Isle of Skye and experiencing the most breathtaking scenery and landscapes that I have ever seen

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