Wharton '19

Erica Dienes

SA: University College Dublin

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): University College Dublin, Ireland

Ask me about...

  • Receiving scholarships throughout your time abroad

  • Budgeting while abroad

My Experience Abroad:

It was an interesting dynamic between my business school coursework here at Penn and abroad. However, most of my curriculum was based in the business school in Dublin and it was amazing exposure to European business culture. My coursework was centered around business practices and norms in a different context and gave me exposure to the business world on a global scale.

Other Highlights:

  • One of my favorite abroad experiences was getting to be in Dublin on St Patrick’s Day. The same day Ireland won the Six Nations Tournament. The whole day was so exciting.

  • Experiencing and walking along the Wall of Separation in Belfast, Northern Ireland was extremely moving. To think there is still a lot of separation in places is something I don’t think you are able to grasp until you experience it. 

  • I was able to stand at the top of the Arc de Triomphe, at sunset on a crystal-clear day in Paris. I could see for miles. 

  • Ireland has beautiful cliff walks throughout the country and we would often take day trips on gorgeous days to get some time outdoors and be around the water. 

  • Springfest in Stuttgart, Germany was hands-down my favorite experience abroad.

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