CAS '22 Evelyn Bond

Student sitting in hotel lobby in front of decorative Spanish crest mosaic
SA: CASA Seville

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): CASA Sevilla

Ask me about...

  • Taking classes entirely in Spanish while adapting to the very difficult Andalusian accent! I had originally wanted to be in Barcelona, because I love cities, but Sevilla was the only program happening this semester. It was really wonderful to be in such a traditional, very Spanish city!

My Experience Abroad:

This experience really opened my eyes, specifically to the idea of international relations. I am a political science major, and have always been really interested in global politics, and the politics of different countries. For our research paper at the end of the term, I took the opportunity to research the politics and voting history of the city of Sevilla, which was super interesting and definitely inspired me to want to do more research in the future.

Other Highlights:

  • The tapas!!!

  • Traveling to other cities to really get to know the country

  • Taking classes at the Universidad de Sevilla

  • Making friends with the Spaniards in our residencia

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