CAS '22 Evie Sorrell

PGS: Travel to Iceland

Program Abroad:

  • Penn Global Seminars (PGS): Environmental Studies, Travel to Iceland

Ask me about...

  • Traveling to "natural/rugged" places

  • Traveling light

  • Altering my diet abroad

  • Meeting with professors and professionals abroad

  • Managing health abroad

  • Dropping my boot in a river on a hike while abroad

My Experience Abroad:

My PGS trip to Iceland fulfilled a major requirement for Environmental Studies. The research and networking experience I gained from writing my case study and speaking with professors abroad has already been of use, just one semester later. The exposure to a variety of topics - both specific to Iceland but widely applicable across environmental sustainability - broadened my scope of the field and helped me understand where my interests lie.

Other Highlights:

  • I loved getting to see everything I had researched and written about in action. Before going on the trip I had theories and ideas, but after the trip, I had concrete visualizations that supported and contextualized my research.

  • Definitely one highlight from the trip was the experience of traveling abroad. The food was delicious and the itinerary kept us engaged with the land, culture, and professionals the whole time. It felt fairly immersive even though it was a guided tour.

  • Since it was a PGS trip, I wasn’t traveling solo, I was with a small group of Penn students. We had a whole semester of class in common, but we came from different cultural and academic backgrounds. Not only did I experience the trip from my perspective, but I saw a wide range of reactions and interests along the way. While the itinerary itself was incredible, my classmates truly made this trip memorable.

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