Nursing '22 Felicia Chen

GRIP: Intern in Vietnam

Program Abroad:

  • Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP): Friends for Street Children Intern in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ask me about...

  • Traveling solo and abroad for the first time
  • Working with an NGO abroad
  • Taking initiative during your internship

My Experience Abroad:

As a nursing student minoring in East Asian studies, I am passionate about the health and culture of the East Asian region. Last summer, I had the privilege to work with Friends for Street Children, an NGO that carries that mission to provide education and housing for underprivileged children in Ho Chi Minh City. Given the chance to visit many of these children's unfortunate living situations, I worked tirelessly to spearhead a fundraising project to help out the NGO's mission. While visiting, I saw a gap in public health awareness among the children which allowed me to initiate a health hygiene teaching project at FFSC's primary school centers. I wanted the children to not only be given the resources but also to know how to use the resources to stay healthy. With my knowledge in preventative health hygiene, I have taught the FFSC children the proper handwashing and toothbrushing techniques with the help of many Vietnamese college student volunteers. Thus, my GRIP internship has allowed me to merge my major and minor by instilling healthy habits among many children in the East Asian region.

Other Highlights:

  • Learning to bargain at the local markets
  • Trying all the local fruits and delicacies for insanely low prices ($1 banh mi)
  • Taking weekend trips to different cities around Vietnam
  • Forming friendships with the Vietnamese and Singaporean college students

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