CAS '23 Giovanna Varlotta

Ask me about...

  • Fully funded scholarships to travel and study critical languages
  • Attending a Chinese high-school
  • Navigating a full immersion experience with limited language skills
  • Living with a host family
  • Overcoming cultural differences

My gap year experience:

A few years ago I was driven to learn Chinese with the hopes of pursuing my dream job: Foreign Service Officer. After my time in China, I was moved to continue studying the language while also studying international affairs. Thus, I'm planning to major in Philosophy Politics & Economics and minor in Chinese. I want to combine my language and cultural diplomacy skills with my interest in economics, with the hopes of improving global trade relations.

Beyond Chinese, I've been inspired by my time abroad to pursue another language, Arabic. I've seen firsthand the way learning a new language and living in a different part of the world can change your world view, and I'm looking forward to having yet another extremely rewarding experience. 



Highlights from my gap year:

  • Improving my Chinese to be able to have full-length conversations with my host family
  • Becoming friends with Chinese and international students at my high school
  • Seeing baby pandas in Chengdu
  • Riding the bullet train to Shanghai
  • Making dumplings to celebrate Chinese New Year with my host family 
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