CAS '19

Julia Barr

SA: University College London

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): University College London, England

Ask me about...

  • Connecting your abroad experience to your senior thesis

  • Learning to be comfortable on your own

  • Getting involved in student life at your host university

  • Balancing difficult classwork and exploring your new surroundings

My Experience Abroad:

While I was abroad, I applied and began research for my honors thesis in modern British history. Being in London during this time allowed me to become familiar with the culture in a way that has proved invaluable to my studies. Becoming personally acquainted with the society you study makes a huge difference in your appreciation for their history: I learned so much from simple conversations, with everyone from taxi cab drivers and waitresses, to classmates and friends. Being in London also provided me with lots of contacts and exposure, so when I returned the following summer to complete research for my thesis, I was confident on my own in a foreign country, I had friends to call upon and was familiar with the different archives.

Other Highlights:

  • Living next to the British Museum and going to a different gallery almost every week

  • Joining my university's tennis team for the semester, and meeting lots of friends through that

  • Escaping the city bustle with a weekend trip to the Swiss countryside

  • Taking advantage of London's theater scene

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