Huntsman '22 Julia Mitchell

SA: Institute of Political Studies in Paris (Sciences Po)

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Institute of Political Studies in Paris (Sciences Po), France

Ask me about...

  • Debating American politics in classes filled with French students

  • Striking up conversations and making friends with locals

  • Sleeping in Swedish hostels

  • Navigating bike rentals and public transportation in Paris

  • Studying abroad during a pandemic

My Experience Abroad:

As a student in the Huntsman Program, my coursework combines language, international studies, and business.  At Sciences Po, I studied a blend of economic development, history, and international relations to understand France's role within the UE and as a world leader. I am so used to studying economics exclusively from an American perspective and taking humanities-based french courses separately, so one of my favorite classes while abroad focused on public and private sector economic transformations in France during the twentieth century.  It was incredible to combine my academic interests like that.

Other Highlights:

  • Solo train-travel to Spain and Italy

  • Developing my credentials in French cuisine

  • Discovering that barges in Paris host goth-style parties, dance clubs, and art galleries

  • Living in quarantine for two months with my host family during COVID-19

  • Emerging from quarantine to reunite with friends and picnic along the Seine

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