Wharton '20 Mehdia Haider

SA: Bocconi University

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Bocconi University in Milan, Italy

Ask me about...

  • Living in a country without speaking the native language

  • Taking non-business courses at a European business school 

  • Balancing studies and travel 

My Experience Abroad:

As a Wharton student concentrating in finance and management and minoring in math and ancient history, I was very lucky to find a program that allowed me to take courses in all four of these disciplines. Learning about derivative trading and angel investing in Italy, witnessing first-hand the architecture and artwork I had done case studies on in my history classes at Penn, making friends with people from six different continents, and experiencing new cuisines made my semester abroad one of the most memorable experiences of my life. 

Other Highlights:

  • Visiting four of Italy’s most beautiful duomos

  • Traveling to Cannes during the film festival

  • Attending a Milan Fashion Week runway show 

  • Becoming an expert on gelato 

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