CAS '24 Naomi Phemister-Jimenez

GRIP: Remote Intern

Programs Abroad

  • Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP - Virtual program in Summer 2021): Fundación CONIN in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ask me about...

  • Finding ways to maximize cultural immersion despite being remote
  • Working in my second language
  • Delving into non-STEM related opportunities as a pre-med/biology student

My Experience Abroad:

I chose to embark on this internship after two semesters of Spanish classes at Penn, as I wanted to further improve my language skills through immersion. I felt drawn to GRIP's "Social Impact in Buenos Aires" program as a pre-med student because I love finding interdisciplinary ways to combine my interests in medicine with my passion for service. I was matched with my internship site, Fundación CONIN, a non-profit aimed at eradicating child malnutrition in Argentina. Here, I was able to practice my Spanish conversation skills while also learning about global health issues and the wide range of factors behind them. As a result of this experience, I've been inspired to pursue a minor in Hispanic Studies at Penn.

Other Highlights

  • I loved speaking with Dr. Gabriela Sabio about her work as a pediatrician, as well as how she got involved with this nonprofit.
  • I formed such great relationships with my director, Laura Gonzalez, as well as my internship partner through our shared projects and Zoom calls.
  • It was so interesting to learn about the cultural nuances between various Spanish-speaking countries. My mom is Venezuelan, so I've grown up around traditions and idioms unique to Venezuelans. With this internship, I was able to immerse myself in a completely new and unfamiliar culture; I learned so many new words and Argentine customs, such as the ritual of mate.
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