Wharton '20 Natasha Gupta

SA: Bocconi University

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Bocconi University

Ask me about...

  • How you can step out of your comfort zone and filling business breadth or general requirements with classes that aren't offered at Penn or you wouldn't have taken otherwise. These classes can offer just as much value and technical expertise in fields you had never considered before - creating a broader experience.

My Experience Abroad:

During my time abroad, I was able to complete my business breadth requirements for Wharton and explore my interests in various subjects. I took marketing, law, diversity, and fashion courses that allowed me to learn about sectors beyond my two concentrations in a hands-on environment. From store-visits to analyzing consumer surveys to participating in legal competitions, I was able to delve deeper and learn the inner workings of various industries.

Other Highlights:

Highlights of my study abroad experience were the people, travel, Italian culture, and Bocconi courses: 

  • Living in an all-exchange dorm that allowed me to meet some of the warmest, most adventurous and brilliant exchange students that helped make Milan feel like home.

  • Finding my own family abroad and traveling across Europe with them every weekend helped me learn about the world around me and gain independence and confidence.

  • The lack of English in Milan because it forced me to learn the language and culture and truly come to appreciate the Italian lifestyle. The classes I took at Bocconi as they forced me to expand my horizons and consider businesses and opportunities beyond the traditional focus I had at Penn.

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