Wharton '22 Oliver Osei-Asibey

GRIP: Intern in Colombia

Program Abroad:

  • Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP): El Openlab Intern in Medellin, Colombia

Ask me about...

  • Interning in an office that speaks a foreign language

  • Traveling to a new place

  • Navigating life as a minority abroad

  • Traveling around the country on a budget

  • Connecting with local citizens abroad

My Experience Abroad:

Interning in Medellin was an immersive experience that allowed me to better understand business in Latin America and work on my business Spanish. It was a great way to build upon my intermediate Spanish class at Penn. 

As one of my concentrations is entrepreneurship & innovation, working at a consulting startup gave me hands-on experience with applying Design Thinking principles to a range of industries from food & beverage to professional services. It also allowed me to experience important aspects of working at a small start-up, such as having to wear many hats, responsibility and ad-hoc projects.

I was also able to engage in a social impact project with The Intern Group in which we planned a homeless drive for the refugee population in the city.

Other Highlights:

  • Working closely with a CEO

  • Taking multiple trips to different parts of the country

  • Experiencing work culture at a startup in Latin America

  • Hiking in Cocoa Valley (one of Colombia's most scenic coffee destinations)

  • Visiting Guatape (a small town near Medellin)

  • Buying a Colombian football jersey and watching a game

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