Wharton '22 Railyn Diaz

Student standing to the left of bus, bus route reads "Oxford Circus 55"
SA: Queen Mary University of London

Program Abroad:

  • Semester Abroad (SA): Queen Mary University of London

Ask me about...

  • Recruiting for full-time roles abroad, which definitely required a lot of time management and prioritization.

  • Taking classes outside of my normal coursework, which was challenging for me since I am not a huge essay/readings person.

My Experience Abroad:

At Queen Mary, I took courses in the School of English and Drama, Geography, and History. This allowed me to expand my global knowledge beyond my typical Wharton coursework and connect these learnings to my time in England. As I approach a career that combines international affairs with finance, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to learn about English culture in a huge financial center like London.

Other Highlights:

  • Making great friends with my flatmates, who were all first-years. Many students in my program wanted to room with people their age (lots of seniors abroad), but I found this experience very rewarding despite the minimal age gap. You can learn a lot from the locals!

  • Meeting people from all around the world!

  • Finding excitement even when the experience doesn't feel too different culturally (everyone speaks English in London, feels somewhat similar to NYC, etc)

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