CAS '22 Ryan Bush

GRIP: Intern in Australia

Program Abroad:

  • Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP): Agent99 PR in Sydney, Australia

Ask me about...

  • Being abroad for the first time - I learned so much about growing my independence and taking care of myself on a more routine and daily basis

  • Being far away from my family for a long period of time - I had to learn to adjust to and become comfortable

  • Working in a small-team work environment in which I had to shoulder a great deal of the responsibility

  • Working in the corporate world

My Experience Abroad:

During my time abroad, I learned a significant amount about how the Australian government operates and interacts with the private sector, such as through media outlets, social services, and welfare of citizens. As a PPE major, this information is personally invaluable to my studies and essential to deepening my understanding of political and economic landscapes on a larger, macroeconomic level. I gained firsthand experience working with the Australian economy from a private perspective in my internship company as I dealt with their financial accounting and bookkeeping for the upcoming end of the financial year across the country. These experiences have allowed my major to take on a new depth and layer that I never anticipated before.

Other Highlights:

  • Traveling with my fellow GRIP interns to see/snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

  • Planning an event within the Sydney Opera House

  • Taking over the PreviewingPenn Instagram page for 24 hours

  • All of the incredible food!

  • Meeting some of my newest, closest friends

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