Do you wonder what it would be like to study in China, France, Morocco, or wherever else you might be thinking of going?  Contact one of these students to find out! 


Penn Abroad Past Participants

These are students who recently returned from their academic year or semester program abroad and offered to be contacts for their programs. They are great resources for Penn students interested in study abroad.

Penn Abroad Ambassadors

The Penn Abroad Ambassadors are past participants who volunteer to serve as peer counselors and campus advocates for study abroad through campus events, information sessions, and publicity supported by Penn Abroad. 


I just returned from studying abroad.  How can I become an ambassador or be listed on the past participants list? 

At the end of every semester, Penn Abroad contacts the returning study abroad students.  Interested students will be considered and provided with details.


Exchange Students

You can also reach out to exchange students who are at Penn to learn more about their schools and what life is like for a student in their city. 

Past Participants' Videos and Media

Watch Quan Nguyen's video from studying abroad in Seoul at Yonsei University during the 2012 Academic Year