Undergraduates are eligible for the following funding opportunities for undergraduate study abroad (please contact the relevant offices for information about deadlines).  Seniors are eligible to apply for some of the funding sources listed plus many others to fund study abroad after graduation. Graduating seniors should also view the list of scholarship opportunities at CURF

General Scholarships

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

This program offers a competition for awards for study abroad, for US citizen students who are receiving federal Pell Grant funding at a 2-year or 4-year college or university. Award amounts are $3,000 for summer programs and $5,000 for a semester or academic year. Interested students should contact the appropriate Global Programs Manager or the Director of Penn Abroad. Deadlines are typically in very early March for summer and fall study abroad, and early October for spring study abroad (see Gilman web site for exact dates). To be competitive, applicants should have their essays reviewed by Penn Abroad in advance of the deadline.


David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships for Study Abroad

Under the auspices of the National Security Education Program, supports undergraduate study abroad focusing on geographical areas, languages, and fields of study deemed critical to US national security. (Excludes study in US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.) These US government grants entail a service obligation. To be competitive, applicants should meet with and submit drafts of their essays to the Director of Penn Abroad by early December. Penn's campus deadline is typically in mid-January for the following academic year.

DiversityAbroad.com Scholarships

Diversity Abroad offers ten $500 scholarships for full-time undergraduate students studying abroad every year.  Five scholarships are available for the fall and five for the spring.  Economically disadvantaged students, African-American/Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Multiracial/ethnic or Indigenous/Native-American, students with disabilities and first generation college students are strongly encouraged to apply. Application deadlines are typically in early May 2 for the fall semester, and mid-October for the spring.  See the scholarship web site for application information and exact dates.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

The Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships program provides allocations of academic year and summer fellowships to institutions of higher education or consortia of institutions of higher education to assist meritorious undergraduate students and graduate students undergoing training in modern foreign languages and related area or international studies or with the international aspects of professional or fields of study.

FLAS fellowships are funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the University of Pennsylvania’s Title VI National Resource Centers to assist students in acquiring foreign language and either area or international studies competencies, including the international aspects of professional or other fields of study. FLAS awards are available only for specific languages, and are contingent on federal funding. Please direct any questions to the FLAS Coordinator of your chosen language.

To learn more about FLAS, visit the FLAS Frequently Asked Questions page . For instructions on how to apply, please see the Application & Instructions page.

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) Scholarship

Fund for Education Abroad awards are intended to support students planning to participate in high-quality, rigorous education abroad programs with a strong preference for underrepresented students. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents currently enrolled as undergraduates in US universities/colleges who plan to study abroad for at least four weeks.

Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP) Fellowships

The IIPP Fellowship program seeks to provide underrepresented minority undergraduates with the skill, confidence, and support networks that contribute to success in the international arena and create a diverse talent pool of well-trained and language-proficient internationalists. Students are recruited from across the nation and apply as sophomores to participate in a five-year sequence of summer policy institutes, study abroad, intensive language training, internships, and graduate study. Contact http://www.uncfsp.org.

National Security Education Program (NSEP)Undergraduate Scholarships

NSEP's initiatives provide professionals with language and cultural skills to prepare them for federal government service. Our nine initiatives connect the U.S. education community, government agencies with national security interests, and individuals impassioned to learn a less commonly taught language and culture.

Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowships

Provides undergraduate and graduate funding to participants to prepare academically and professionally to enter the US Dept. of State Foreign Service. Targets particularly women and members of minority groups historically underrepresented in the foreign service. Administered by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (http://www.woodrow.org/).

Go Overseas Scholarships

The Go Overseas scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in, or in the process of applying to, study abroad programs for a semester or summer. Each scholarship is $500.

Regional Scholarships

AASAP/UK Lord Acton Memorial Scholarship

The AASAP/UK Lord Acton Memorial Scholarship is merit-based scholarship awarded to the applicant who demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the value of an international educational experience and who agrees to share how the scholarship helped to fulfil their academic and personal ambitions. The award is £500 for a semester abroad or £1,000 for a full year.

Amici Prize

Offsets expenses for undergraduate research in Italian Studies conducted in conjunction with one of Penn's programs for studying in Italy during the summer or academic year. Contact the Center for Italian Studies, 549 Williams Hall.

Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan

The Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ) offers grants for undergraduates in any field to study abroad in Japan. Interested students should contact the appropriate Global Programs Manager in the Penn Abroad office. Deadlines are typically in early April for fall study abroad, and early October for spring study abroad (see Bridging web site for exact dates).

British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX) North American Scholarships

BUTEX offers eight scholarships to North American students studying at a university in the United Kingdom. The value of each scholarship is £500 and will be paid to the winners once they have arrived and registered at their host university. Interested students should contact the appropriate Global Programs Manager in the Penn Abroad office.

DAAD/German Academic Exchange Service Prizes and Scholarships

Prizes for stays of two to three months in Germany in conjunction with independent senior thesis research, language or other summer course at a German university, internship/practicum at a German institution or company. Scholarships for undergraduate semester or academic year abroad (four to ten months at a German university). Interested students should contact the appropriate Global Programs Manager in the Penn Abroad office.

Hilda Specter Morgenstern Merit Scholarship

The family of Hilda Specter Morgenstern created the scholarship to remember the ideals of a strong and vibrant American Jewish woman who valued Judaism, Israel, education and the administration of public policy for good.

Masa Scholarships

Provides partial funding to students studying at any university in Israel. Interested students should contact the appropriate Global Programs Manager in the Penn Abroad office.

Melvin M. Goldberg Fellowship

Provides partial funding to SEAS students for up to one year of research in Israel. May be used during summer between junior and senior year, as well as for seniors and graduate students. Contact Joseph Sun, SEAS, 111 Towne Building.

Monbukagakusho Scholarship

One-year scholarship offered the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture for advanced Japanese language and culture study at a Japanese university. Interested students should contact the appropriate Global Programs Manager in the Penn Abroad office.

Turkish Coalition of America Study Abroad in Turkey Scholarships

The Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) awards up to 100 scholarships per year for African American, Hispanic American and Native American students who have been accepted to a university in Turkey, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)or Bosnia and Herzegovina. TCA will award grants in the amount of $2,000 & $1,000 per year for full-time undergraduates (graduate students on a case by case basis) who have been accepted to a study abroad program in Turkey for a semester or summer respectively.

Attention: If you receive financial aid from Penn and you apply for and receive a scholarship or financial assistance from an external source, you must check with both your SFS counselor and your Penn Abroad Global Programs Manager to learn how the external funding will be applied to your total program charges. Whether or not you are financially aided, if you win a full tuition scholarship to study for Penn credit at an approved university, you will be charged at minimum the standard study abroad fee for each semester you are away.