Announcement New Job Opportunities at Perry World House and The Penn Biden Center

August 24, 2021
By Perry World House and The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement

At a dynamic moment in the world and at the University of Pennsylvania, Perry World House and The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement are growing and changing to better support Penn students and faculty and better shape international affairs. As a result, we have several opportunities to join our team. Click the links below to learn more about these roles and how to apply.

Perry World House | Director of Communications
The Director of Communications will have primary responsibility for driving overall outreach, engagement, and reputation building institutional communications strategy, by translating and leveraging Perry World House's research and other outputs into accessible policy-relevant content with the power to shape current policy debates in global affairs, particularly related to Perry World House's two priority research themes ('Global Shifts: Migration, Urbanization, and Climate Change' and 'The Future of the Global Order: Power, Technology, and Governance'). The Director will help shape and steward the process and content generation (from faculty, visitors, and others), including dissemination to, and engagement with, key policy audiences in the U.S. and abroad. The Director will supervise two communications staff and potentially external consultants and build strategic partnerships with other communications teams and select senior communications staff of partners and stakeholders, within the University and outside of it. 

Perry World House | Global Shifts Program Manager
The Global Shifts Program Manager will drive our research theme, 'Global Shifts: Migration, Urbanization, and Climate Change'. In coordination with faculty and staff directors, the Program Manager will plan and execute annual public colloquia, workshops, lectures, symposia, etc.; research and author reports, white papers, blog posts, opinion pieces, etc.; engage Penn faculty, think tanks, academic institutions, and other external stakeholders to advance the work; and leverage insights and knowledge through strategic communications. The Program Manager will utilize her/his/their expertise and networks in the Global Shifts area to identify prospective Visiting Fellows and Scholars and will manage the related outreach, visit planning, and outputs; develop and implement undergraduate student programming, including annual Career Week, weekly public lectures (The World Today), and rapid response programming; and produce presentation and development materials and participate in the grant writing process for thematic areas, as needed.

Perry World House | Events & Building Operations Coordinator
The Events & Building Operations Coordinator will help to advance our research by providing high-quality, professional event planning and management as well as building operations support. The position provides high-level, efficient, and energetic support to the operations and events of Perry World House and the Director of Events & Building Operations. The position will provide timely, high-caliber, proactive events support and execution while engaging in a wide variety of operational activities for the building. The Events & Building Operations Coordinator will perform a range of responsibilities, including managing online venue and calendar systems; executing high production value onsite, hybrid, and virtual programming; tracking building usage and event attendance; and establishing and maintaining critical office systems and protocols.

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Penn Biden Center | Program Manager
The Program Manager is responsible for using expertise to drive the successful administration and execution of programming on global policy at The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement (PBC), also in support of Perry World House. The Program Manager will facilitate the research, policy, public convening, and outreach agendas of PBC, including by planning and executing convenings -- workshops, lectures, etc., on a regular basis; producing written outputs (reports, white papers, blog posts, opinion pieces); leveraging the work through strategic communications; undertaking research to advance global engagement; and developing and implementing various undergraduate student programming, as determined.

Penn Biden Center | Communications Manager
The Communications Manager is responsible for leading institution-wide implementation of media relations and public affairs strategies central to PBC’s mission to promote Penn scholarship into the policy world. They will manage overall, high-quality, timely, responsive administrative planning, support, and coordination for PBC related to communications in Washington, D.C., also in support of Perry World House. This includes media outreach, engagement with core policy audiences, social media strategizing and leveraging, dissemination of written outputs, writing and design support, and a range of other administrative and creative tasks that help PBC connect with its internal and external constituencies and influence global policy. This position will be expected to work on-site in Washington, D.C. according to university policies.

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